Strategic Re-Design

Why should a company re-design the product strategy? Because it would be a smart choice to get better product performance through improved resource efficiency and to strengthened market position.

A green approach is not just about producing a more sustainable product, it’s the way it is produced that matters too. adopting strategies as the green chemistry principle for example, in the way to prevent wasting, design safer chemicals, reduce the use of derivatives.

To develope a sustainable product strategy companies have to be aware of how their choices are shaping sustainability so they can identify resources to improve them, questinoning about:

• How sustainable is this material? How toxic, renewable, reusable, recyclable, biodegradable and ethical is the product as a result of its use?

• Where in our organization do we have information and/or need to have information to guide decision making about this material? Who has access to it and how efficiently can they access it?

• How much of this material are we using in our product or in the processes that make it? What are the implications for our employees? What are the implications for the way that we envision customers using it?


Here we can find a clear explanation of how and why develope a sustainable product strategy in the way to trasform it into a benefit, a competitive advantage or a business opportunity.

A report written by Chad White with Emma Stewart present a management model to develope a sustainable product re-design.This A-B-C-D model highlights these four behaviors as components of “sustainable design intelligence,” a dynamic learning model to help companies build more sustainable products.

Assessing: The ability to analyze the social and environmental impacts of products and  production and to evaluate organizational capacity to address them.

• Bridging: The ability to connect ready parties and to bring the right functions and the right people together to redesign products.

• Creating: The ability to generate projects that enable exploration and learning about product sustainability and about changes needed to the design process.

• Diffusing: The ability to deploy tools that build literacy, integrate learned design principles and build accountability.



Green Marketing


People is everyday more sensible to environmental issues, a way to align with emerging consumers interests is to adopt a Green Marketing strategy. Aspirational consumers love shopping, prize social connections and they also want to make a difference for people and the planet, these are the three people’s attitudes companies have to consider to catch their attention envolving them into a green methodology.


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